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Our 30 Days Or 30 Minutes Money Back Guarantee!

Not quite sure whether Veeroll is for you? Why not take advantage of our generous money back guarantee? It allows you to try out the platform, create targets, create video ads and even submit campaigns to Adwords for a full 30 days, and still get a full refund if you don’t like it for whatever reason. You could even just try it out for 30 minutes, and if you don’t like it, just let us know and we’ll process your refund for you without any questions asked. You really have nothing to lose with this arrangement. Why not give it a try and see how easy it is to get traffic from Video Ads?

Here’s how Veeroll will help you get results from Facebook Ads:

Create a high converting Video Ad in 2 minutes, without needing any kind of video editing skills whatsoever! (yes, you can kick that expensive creative agency to the curb!)

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And, creating a Youtube Ad Campaign has never been easier:

Next to quickly creating your Video Ad, we help you find 1000’s of targeted placements to run your ad on, in a matter of seconds.

Our Campaign Builder allows you to bypass AdWords' confusing User Interface - your campaign will be up and running in no time.

And, our exclusive members only training will supercharge your video advertising results!

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Here Are Some Of The Results Our Users Are Getting:

  • Reviews

    “If You're Considering Advertising On YouTube, Veeroll Is A MUST!”

    "Veeroll has made our lives much easier. They have taken a lot the hard work out of putting together powerful campaigns, easily reaching our customers and creating ads that achieve high click through rates. If you're considering advertising on YouTube, Veeroll is a MUST!" - Tom Breeze

  • Reviews

    “Veeroll Saves You Both Time And Frustration...”

    "Veeroll is amazing because it takes a complicated, time consuming process and makes it simple and fast. Creating videos, researching targeting groups and building video campaigns takes up a lot of time and energy. Veeroll saves you both time and frustration when creating video ad campaigns. No matter your experience in video production and marketing, Veeroll is built for both beginners and experts to build powerful campaigns" - Jake Larsen | Owner of Video Power Marketing - http://VideoPower.org

  • Reviews

    “I've Seen A Huge Increase In Conversion, It Was Over 39%...”

    "Veeroll is just simply AMAZING! It saved me a ton of time in my last few YouTube marketing campaigns and it was so easy. I was surprised on how in-depth the research was for creating my targeted list. Veeroll is a must have tool for anyone that is serious about video ads! - Derral Eves, DerralEves.com

  • Reviews

    "Veeroll is the platform I wanted to build for myself and my team!"

    "Veeroll is the platform I wanted to build for myself and my team! I run a ton of ads on YouTube and the key to being able scale is automation. Veeroll is a complete solution for automating the process of running highly effective In-stream ads on YouTube that allow me to get tons of clicks for as little as 12 cents that convert into massive ROI for my clients and customers." - Tommie Powers, CEO at Powersolutions Consulting LLC, TommiePowers.com

  • Reviews

    "If you are considering ANY advertising on YouTube you'd be foolish not to use Veeroll."

    "Right now the YouTube landscape is still the Wild Wild West. The saavy business owners are rushing NOW to claim their stake in the ground and get their gold. YouTube traffic is CHEAP and plentiful... IF you know where to find out. Before Veeroll it was a huge pain to say the least. Now I'm able to help give my clients (and my own channel) a major competitive advantage. " - Ryan Masters, President, SqueezeJuiceMarketing.com



Some Questions You Might Have About Veeroll

With Veeroll you can create video ads for Youtube and Facebook in a matter of minutes, without needing to have any video editing knowledge whatsoever. You simply have to pick one of our awesome video templates, enter a few lines of text and you’re ready to go.

But, there’s more than that!

In addition to creating your video ads at the speed of light, we help you find 1000’s of targeted Youtube videos to run your Youtube ad on. If you know the general keyword phrase that represents your target audience, that’s all you need for this step. Veeroll takes that keyword phrase, and comes up with several targeting options guaranteed to get you EXTREMELY well qualified views and clicks.

Next to that you can use our optimized Campaign Builder to quickly and easily create your Youtube Video Ad Campaign inside Adwords. No more complicated forms to fill out or getting confused about which settings to use. Veeroll takes care of all that for you.

Sort of… yes. The great thing about YouTube Video Ads, is that you have a lot of different options for the Call To Action you can use. One of these options is using clickable annotations inside your video ads, which don’t actually get counted as clicks by AdWords! So yes, a free click is still possible, as long as the click occurs BEFORE the 30 second mark. Your campaign will still cost something, but your overall ad spend will be reduced because of this neat little loophole of YouTube Video Ads.

Yes, you sure do. While Veeroll helps you get everything ready to be able to run your Youtube Video Ads on Adwords, you still need to submit your campaign to Adwords to be able to start getting views and clicks. The cost of views from Adwords for views is separate to the membership costs of Veeroll.

The fees for the Veeroll service is as stated in the pricing table on this page or the Veeroll site. This gives you access to the Veeroll site and related services and tools. Of course, you also need to pay for the actual views that you’ll be getting via Facebook and Adwords For Video. View costs start as low as 1 cent, but of course depends on other things like how many other advertisers are bidding against you on Adwords.

No. The templates inside Veeroll have been specifically designed to completely eliminate any video editing or production on your end. Each template has been “infused” with proprietary ingredients to massively increase your chances of getting lots of views and clicks. To create a video ad for your campaign, simply select from one of the templates, select an appropriate music track from the list, type in the text you want inside the video, and hit submit.

Absolutely. As long as you can type 5 lines of text of 40 characters each, you’re all set. These lines of text will get integrated in the video that we’ll create for you. Don’t worry, we have full training on this inside the members area as well, so you’ll be just fine!

Yes. Of course it depends a little on how fast you can type, and whether you already know what you’d like to have inside your video. Once you submit the content you want inside your video, it will get added to our queue and we will start working on your video right away. During business days, it normally takes around 20-45 min. to get your video back to you.

For each Veeroll plan, you are able to get a certain number of videos created per month. For example, for the monthly starter plan, you’re able to create 4 new videos each month. After the month is up, any remaining credits will expire, but you’ll get replenished with 4 new credits. The same goes for the other plans too. It’s similar to a mobile phone plan. Each month you get a certain amount of credits, that simply gets renewed each month.

Please also note that you can use the videos that you’ve created in as many campaigns as you like. There are no restrictions on that.

Yes. You can in fact use ANY video on YouTube as your video ad inside your Adwords campaign. Inside the Veeroll Campaign Builder, you’re able to either select from any of your videos that were created using the Veeroll platform, OR any of your own videos on YouTube. You just need to link to your video on YouTube to be able to do this. Of course we recommend you just use the videos created using Veeroll, as they work really well, and it hardly takes you any time to get them created :)

Veeroll has a special “Campaign Builder” designed to make the whole campaign creation super easy and fast. You just type in a few fields, select from your video ads and targets and a few other very simple settings, and then hit the export button. You’ll then receive a small file that you can instantly upload to Adwords to completely setup your campaign. It’s never been faster and easier to submit new campaigns to Adwords For Video!

No and yes… kinda! Just to be clear, Adwords do not allow you to send traffic directly to an affiliate link. But some people have been able to find a work-around where they send traffic to their own website first, and then introduce their visitors to affiliate products from there. Please note though, that these landing pages still need to comply to the Adwords Landing Page guidelines. Your landing page needs to create a great user experience for your visitors with lots of related and unique and useful content, as well as a clear navigation structure and easy access to your company’s terms of service, purchase agreement and contact details. Unprofessional landing pages with duplicate content or low value content will very likely get you in trouble. Facebook is becoming more strict on their policies as well, so making sure you offer a good user experience is important in any case. DISCLAIMER: If you are interested in promoting affiliate products in this manner, please do your own research to make sure you comply with Google Adwords’ Policies. We do not take any responsibility for any Google Adwords Policy breaches on your behalf. If you lose your Google Adwords account, it’s your problem.

As a paying member you will get access to our support team to help you with any further questions or issues that you might have. Additionally, we hold regular LIVE online events where you can ask your burning questions about video advertising. We also have an active blog and community forum where members can brainstorm new ideas and help each other out.

Simple. Just select one of the plans from the pricing table on this page, and go through the process to setup your account. Once you’ve joined you can start using the platform immediately. Again, we have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee... so it's risk free!