Undeniable PROOF That It Works!

The biggest question you might have about Veeroll is:

"Does it actually work?"

And sure... it DOES work! Have a look at some of these recent case studies we ran using the Veeroll platform...

Case Study #1: An 80% Click Through Rate Over Views

Here's recent ad we ran using Veeroll to pin point our target audience on YouTube, and create a very compelling video ad...

As you can see from the above screen shot, we got 190 clicks from 237 views. If you do the math, that's an 80% click through rate from views! And the cost per click works out at around JUST 8.6 cents per click!

Case Study #2: 300% More Clicks By Simply Using A Veeroll Ad

Here's a very interesting split test we ran using the Veeroll system...

Everything is EXACTLY the same for the above two ads, except for the actual video. The ad on the bottom is using a video from the Veeroll Platform.

Case Study #3: A 41.8% Click Through Rate On Views

Here's another quick example where we got a 41.8% click through rate and a cost per click of around just 15 cents!

Still an AMAZING result when you think about it, ESPECIALLY when you compare it to industry standards!

What's really great about all this, is that with our new system, we really think ANYONE can do this. It's A TON easier than Google Adwords! And A LOT simpler!

We've now figured out a few "shortcuts" and special techniques that not only helps you get these kind of results, but it also helps you get them much faster than ever before.

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