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What is the biggest problem with video advertising today? Is it cost? No. Is it lack of creativity? No. Is it not understanding technology? No it is not.

The No. 1 problem with video advertising today is that most businesses don't follow up with people who visited their business websites or their YouTube videos but then decided to wait and to "think about it" instead.

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Why is this a problem? Because hardly anyone makes impulse purchases today. We all do some sort of research - and sometimes a lot of research - before buying. And there are many options of how to spend our money. So if we only get the customer to visit our website just one time, and then simply ignore them, we're leaving money on the table.

How many times do you think you have to remind a customer about a product they're alread thinking about buying? Once? Twice? Three times? Try THIRTEEN TIMES! Yes, today it can take between 7 and 13 reminders or "touches" before the customer - who is already thinking about buying - will actually get their credit card out and buy your product.

This is probably not too surprising. How many times have we walked into a store and told the salesperson we're "just looking," when we're actually considering buying? A lot.

So with the advent of digital marketing, we can now do "remarketing" or "retargeting" (they mean the same thing really), on the Google/YouTube and Facebook/Instagram platforms. And some people do this with static image ads.

But ad costs keep going up, particularly for Facebook and many Google keywords, because there is great competition, but inventory is limited. Fortunately, there's a solution: YouTube video remarketing ads.

Why YouTube ads? Because YouTube, owned by Google, is the world's second largest search engine. When people are researching products, they often go to YouTube. So they are in a buying mood. And because there are millions of videos added to YouTube every day, the costs are often lower per sale than other platforms.

To help you take advantage of this opening, we offer Veeroll's YouTube Remarketing Services, where we re-target your customers - who have already interacted with your business - and proactively encourage them to come back again, reminding them of the reasons they considered buying from you in the first place.

Want to find out more? Please email us at and tell us about your product or service. We'll help you find out if YouTube remarketing is right for you.

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