Veeroll Makes Video Advertising
Dead Simple... And Deadly To
Your Competition.

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Fast-Track Access To The Hottest
Ad Platforms In Existence

Nobody wants to be left behind... but it’s even better to be ahead of the pack. YouTube in- stream ads, Facebook video
ads, and soon even Instagram and Twitter video ads: this is where the cost-conscious, results-hungry marketers hide
out today. We give you the tools to dominate both with ease and style... and did we mention FAST!
(Here’s a secret for you: these new platforms actually have inventory surplus and that means super low cost ads... IF
you act now and follow our proven instructions!)

Gives You An Unfair Edge Over
ALL Other Online Businesses

Look: if your competitors even do video advertising at all... they do it all wrong! Glossy logos and talking heads may look great on TV... but unless you’re already a huge celebrity, they will NOT get the clicks online! But our tested templates will (even the widely trusted Digital Marketer site featured this proof recently).

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It’s Like Getting A Personal
Video Production Crew (For Free)

Veeroll automatically generates your video ads for you using proven copywriting templates and scripts... you just follow a short two-minute process and you’re DONE! No more dealing with expensive video crews, delicate video gear or donut-munching editors to mess with your deadlines. We make you look good, even on bad hair days.

Ready-Made Video Ad Templates
Proven To Get The Clicks

You’ll never need to rack your brain to come up with a promotion again - we’ve distilled everything that works in video advertising and turned it into re-usable templates... modify to your needs and use again and again!

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Zooms Right Into Your
Most Profitable Target Market

Veeroll doesn’t just leave you with targets for your ads. It also helps you remove duplicate targets and irrelevant targets from your campaigns. Even blacklist undesired targets forever! You could be targeting hundreds of videos with one campaign, so this is both a tremendous time-saver and makes sure your ads will definitely hit your audience’s sweet spot. Also, this saves your cash from being squandered by popular but irrelevant target videos, for instance.

Moonlighting As Your
Keyword Research Slave

Nobody likes doing keyword research. Nobody. Yet it has to be done to get results in advertising. Veeroll’s Keyword Tool does the heavy lifting for you. It cranks out keyword lists, neatly organised by the amount of competition, search volume, expected costs and even trending information. Relax. Zero legwork required.

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Fully Supports Mobile
Compatible Video Ads!

With every passing month, people consume more of their video content on mobile devices. The ad templates at your disposal are fully mobile compatible, and thoroughly tested for success on smart phones and tablets. You’ll have specialised instructions for mobile video ads, nothing is left to chance.

Your Script Writing Headaches SOLVED... For Good!

Ever struggled with writing a video ad script? With our Script Suggestions library your headaches are over. Simply choose your category, select from one of our proven scripts and have your high converting video ad ready within MINUTES!

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All The Support You’ll Ever
Need To Succeed - For Free

You don’t have to know anything at all about video advertising as you open your account. You’ll have a full library of tutorials and instructions, from scriptwriting help and courses to expert interviews, on every topic you’ll need.

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