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Guide to Adding Audio to Your Video

1. After finalizing your script, navigate to Next >> Audio to incorporate voice-over and background music into your video.
2. In the drawer, choose the gender from the drop-down list and then select the desired voice.
3. Preview the sample voice by clicking the play icon.
4. To include background music, select the appropriate mood from the provided list.
5. If you prefer using your own audio, turn on the Use Own Audio toggle and navigate to the Browse Music File field to upload your file.
6. Once the file is selected, click Open followed by Save and Generate Audio to initiate the process.
7. You’ll be directed to the Audio tab, where you can listen to the music separately by clicking the tune icon.
8. Similarly, you can listen to the voice-over alone by clicking the microphone icon.
9. To change the background music, click the designated icon.
10. Select another mood from the list or upload your own audio.
11. Confirm your changes by clicking Save and Generate Audio.
12. To replace the voice-over for a specific frame, click the microphone icon.
13. Select the gender and voice from the list, or use your own voice-over, then click Save and Generate Audio.
14. You can apply different voice-overs for each frame.
15. Note that any alterations to the script necessitate generating new video.
16. Once satisfied with the audio, proceed to the Next >> Visuals button to add images into your video.