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How to Add Animation to Your Pictures

To animate your pictures and turn them into short videos using AI, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Visuals tab.
  2. Select the picture you want to animate.
  3. Click the AI animate icon. It may take a few minutes for the process to finish.
  4. To remove the animation and revert to the original picture, click the icon again.
  5. Note that you cannot animate another picture while the current one is still processing.
  6. If the animation fails, the icon will be marked in red.
  7. Simply click the icon again to retry.

You can also animate pictures in the edit frame:

  1. Hover over the picture and select Edit.
  2. Proceed to the Frame Settings tab and select Yes in the AI Picture animation field.
  3. If a video effect is already applied to that frame, adding AI animation will disable the video effect, and only the AI animation will be shown in the video.