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How to Adjust Video Effects

1. In the left-side menu, navigate to Video.
2. Locate the video you want to modify.
3. You will be directed to the Brief tab.
4. Select Advanced Settings.
5. Proceed to the Video Effects field.
6. The default effect you’ll find is the one set in the branding settings.
7. Select another effect from the list.
8. Click Save to apply the changes.
9. If you’ve already generated a video, you’ll need to generate a new one to see the updated effects.
10. For adjusting the video effects on a specific frame, navigate to the Visuals tab.
11. Locate the frame you want to modify.
12. Hover over the image and select Edit.
13. Proceed to the Frame Settings tab.
14. Locate the Video Effects field.
15. Select another effect from the drop-down list.
16. Click Save to apply the changes.
17. Generate a new video from the Video tab to view the updated effects.