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Sharing and Commenting on Videos

1. Once you’ve crafted your script and added audio and visuals to your video, you can share it online and receive feedback from other users.
2. To share your video, click the Share button at the top right corner of any tab.
3. Copy the video’s link.
4. Optionally, set it as private by turning on the toggle.
5. Enter a password following the password requirements.
6.Click Save.
7. To access the video, paste the link in your browser’s address bar.
8. If a password is set, enter it before gaining access.
9. Click Proceed.
10. Once inside, you’ll see all the video frames.
11. To add a comment, click on a visual.
12. You’ll be redirected to the Comments tab.
13. You may choose to enter your name (unless you’re already logged in the platform).
14. Key in your comment.
15. Click Post to save and display the comment on the sidebar.
16. Use the right or left angle brackets to navigate between frames.
17. You may also open the link on your mobile phone or tablet.
18. The comment counter indicates the number of comments a frame, or the whole video has received, and it updates in real-time when new comments are added.